Cataracts: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Cataracts is something you will want to get treated for right away if you have it. However, you might be wondering what treatment methods are out there, or you might be wondering what actually causes them. If you are, you’ve come to the right place because The Sight Clinic is going to briefly explain the signs and symptoms, causes and treatment options for cataracts.

Symptoms And Signs
One of the most common symptoms and signs associated with cataracts is blurred vision, as well as not being able to see in dim light. Other symptoms include loss of vision and seeing halos when you’re around lights. If you sometimes feel like you are looking through a foggy window or a frosty window, then go to thesightclinic doctor because you might have cataracts.

Inside the eye, your lens focuses light onto your retina and it adjusts your eyes’ focus. Water and protein make up the majority of the lens, but when getting older the protein sometimes clumps together and the area of the lens can start to cloud up. This is what’s called a cataract and it can get bigger as time goes on.

Risk factors for cataracts include smoking, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Certain medications can increase your risk. Previous injuries to the eyes or inflammation are risk factors too.

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts, then you might be prescribed glasses, However, if this doesn’t clear your vision, then surgery is the other option. In fact, surgery is the only effective way to treat cataracts. doctor will be able to perform an examination and let you know if you have cataracts. If you do, then they will tell you whether or not you need surgery. If you want to make sure you don’t have cataracts, then see a doctor today.