CMOs to Focus on Digital Marketing, Existing Customers in 2018

Looking forward of 2018, CMOs already have an concept of how they want to spend their marketing budget, according to new research. A focus on existing customers, analytics and electronic marketing is emerging.

Gartner recently published its “CMO Spend Survey 2017-2018: Budgets Recede Amid Demand for Results” report, supplying a profound analysis how CMOs mean to utilize their funds. The research showed that by a ratio of 2-to-1, they mean to concentrate on existing customers as opposed to customer acquisition.

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In terms of the sort of marketing CMOs are leaning toward, electronic reigns supreme. Approximately 67 percent stated they will increase their spend on electronic marketing in the forthcoming months. Additionally, 63 percent want to reduce their offline invest.

What’s more, they are altering their greatest share of the budget (9.2 percent) toward analytics in the forthcoming months. This is followed by internet (9.9 %) and electronic advertising (8.6 percent) initiatives.

“Measurability is a leading aspect to electronic media budget growth,” wrote the authors of the report. “CMOs’ concentrate on analytics reveals the requirement to demonstrate advertising and marketing performance and effectiveness to the business. Digital channels have been purpose-built to feed CMOs’ metrics demands, facilitating easy calculations in marketing program performance in terms of reach, engagement and conversion.”

The Shift Toward Mobile Marketing

Over the past year, marketers are investing that a big part of their budgets in cellular initiatives, according to research.

Earlier this season, the “Mobile Marketing Trends 2017” report from MobileBridge discovered that 70% of marketers intended to “somewhat” or “significantly” increase their funds to execute their mobile plan.

Approximately 90 percent of marketing cellular initiatives are aimed toward existing customers, according to survey respondents.