4 trends in digital marketing

Effective advertising and marketing hinges on continuous awareness of trends and emerging stations so you can plan the ideal marketing mix for your company.

As technology continues to barrel ahead this year, here are some marketing suggestions.

Oversaw the power of visual marketing

Visuals dominate the web, from our networking feeds to advertising. You can make your advertising more engaging, exciting and memorable by harnessing the power of visuals. To break through the noise at the crowded area that is online , compelling visuals may be your very best bet. Well-designed logo style graphics, video clips that are intriguing and tricky infographics make your brand message stick into people’s heads.

GE (General Electric) is one of the best examples of presenting goods in an innovative way with the use of powerful graphics. If you believe you may only come up with intriguing images if your goods is inherently visual, like food or fashion, then think again.

GE on all it’s social manages including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook shares magnificent images of its own product in action. With out-of-the-box thinking combined with a terrific idea, the business has obtained the visual advertising to another level.

Website with expertise

Blogging continues to be an integral part of marketing approach for each and every company, whether it’s a startup or even a well-established company. When done correctly, blogging is a fantastic way to reach your target audience and also to use search engine marketing techniques. Regularly posting quality blog posts can increase the visibility of your website considerably by helping you climb up the ladder from the search engine results.

Ensure each site post targets your industry particular key terms and focusses on your product or service supplies. But to get maximum mileage out of your blogging efforts, you will need to make sure your content is more valuable, informative, and is intriguing enough to keep your audience engaged.

There are many B2B companies who are completely killing with blog content, but Contently tops my list.

Contently’s blog “The Content Strategist” has witnessed tremendous growth and popularity. The blog mainly focuses on supplying marketers with tips to help them attain a maximum response. The site post subject ranges from retail, networking, finance, B2C and more.

Use a dedicated mobile program

It’s been predicted that global mobile program downloads can reach a staggering 284 billion in 2020. Mobile program revenue is predicted to surpass $101 billion.

Do you think your company can afford to ignore with a mobile program?

Let us take a look

  • To give value to your clients- With an app custom-built to your company can help in providing more value for your clients. You can offer your clients with all information that is essential right at their hands. You have the option to send notifications are pushed by customers and readily upgrade them about your products, services. Therefore, it makes it possible to connect better with your clients.
  • Build strong brand loyalty- To participate more customers with your mobile program, you can introduce loyalty programs within your own app. The clients interact more points they can accumulate, with your product or solutions. Clients can view their points adding in real time basis rather than sending until they access your website to examine the status of the things or them information in the email. Many manufacturers have used this strategy to boost user engagement.  

Starbucks is a wonderful illustration of this. The brand has launched a rewards program solely. This encourages their users utilizing the program to order coffee and snacks. The brand has taken this to the next level by providing an option to pay from the program, making the entire transaction process swift and easy.

That’s great news, if you currently have a mobile that is dedicated app in place. Ensure your mobile app layout is user-friendly and includes a killer layout. If it’s possible to think of an rewards program, then you can drive customers to your program.

Send interactive mails

You will need to believe 16, if you believe email promotion is something of past then. A recent poll found that the number of email users is anticipated to reach a staggering 254.7 million by 2020.

The test of time has stood however is in a state of evolution. Emails, as the name suggests, helps you boost interactivity with readers. Emails enable you to give an program or microsite inspired experience over the email itself. To make your mails interactive you may include sliders, navigation bars, accordions, menus, sliders, brief movies, animated GIFs, as well as shopping carts to allow users to complete a purchase inside an email.

Here’s a good example for some nspiration, courtesty of Neil Patel:

Smart promotion is truly about customers that are engaging and that usually means purchasing behaviours and adapting to customer. The more you catch your consumers’ attention, the greater your chance of improving your bottom line.

Alice Jackson is a blogger and electronic advertising adviser at crowdsourcing firm, Designhill.