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When it comes to content promotion “hacks,” this is one of my absolute favorites.

So entrepreneurs never touch it again and complete a piece of content. But why do that if you are able to get as much mileage out of one piece of articles?

That is the energy of distributing content.

It is a lot like making passive income. You do the tough job and you continue to reap the advantages.

With content that is applicable, it’s the exact same idea. You make a piece of content utilize it.

That means outcomes and less labour. I guarantee you it is not, although it seems too good to be true.

The best thing about the technique is that you are able to repurpose any type of articles. Articles, videos, checklists–you name it.

Grab a bit of your articles let us look at 11 innovative techniques for repurposing, and you wish to re create.

1. Create a SlideShare deck

SlideShare is an site that showcases slideshows all around the world. It is a excellent way expose your articles and to get your voice heard.

List-type guides or articles work for slide decks. But just about anything will achieve success as a slide deck–you need to repeat it properly.

What is even better is that Barry accommodated this from an old blog post of his:


The content functions as a post and a slide deck. By repurposing the content, Barry set his content.

2. Create a video tutorial

Videos are simple discuss, to view, and store for later. It is possible to see them in your home or on the go. And they do not take long to make.

When you repurpose existing content as a tutorial, the procedure gets even easier. People today like how-to videos, and should you offer a video tutorial, you’ll find a great deal of traffic and shares.

Thus, what kind of content makes for a fantastic video tutorial?


Here are a few more thoughts:

  • A list post can turn into a list video
  • Turn a slide deck into a narrated presentation

The only limit is your imagination.

3. Turn your blog posts into an ebook

You be bewildered if I told you to write an ebook. You might not know where to begin or how to compose a ebook.

But should you website, you’ve got an almost finished ebook right before your eyes.

You gathered some blog articles. If this is so, you can .

Ebooks make amazing lead magnets, also you are able to sell them too. I love using ebooks in my personal marketing approaches because of just how elastic (and popular) they’re.

When your readers see an offer to get a free ebook and appear at a site for the very first time, you’ll be automatically positioned by them . And should they download it, you will find an email and a customer out of it.


If you call it a guide, a blueprint, or anything else completely, an ebook is a approach to repurpose content.

4. Alter your slides right into an infographic

But occasionally, infographics may take a while to produce. Blend both nicely, get the visuals, and you have got to get the ideal facts.

You most likely have, in case you’ve got a slide deck. Slides integrate media and present information in a format that is short and sweet.

To begin, you may use a free infographic maker like  Piktochart or Canva. Simply plug from your slides, then format and voila!

(Another tip: It is possible to unite slide decks to make one infographic, or you can divide 1 slide deck into several infographics.)

5. Get your blog articles about the air as podcasts

Podcasting has gotten large and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Listeners do not enjoy fluff.

What greater way to make an podcast event by repurposing a post, compared to?

Pull them out in case you have some in depth blog posts in your archive and dust them off. With scripting, editing, and just a small reformatting, they’ll make excellent podcasts.

Keep in mind that if your articles use lots of media, you are going to need to get a method of conveying that information. So that it sounds ordinary when spoken and you have to rework some of your writing.

It is well worth it, though this option can be somewhat tricky. It’s possible to discuss your podcasts on all types of platforms, such as iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, along with Podbay. And with each platform you are using, you’re sharing your articles.

6. Contain your remark responses in a newsletter

Before being aware of it if you responding to comments in your site, you’re generating content that is helpful.

In my view, this is only one of the strongest “articles hacks” you can utilize. When remarks are responded to by you, you’re not considering creating content–about helping individuals, you’re thinking.

When you take that suggestions that was uncooked and edit it, you have got tools and some powerful strategies.

Readers anticipate advice in newsletters. Pop into a comment (or a few), and you’re going to meet your readers while breathing new life into articles you thought you’d never use again.

7. Use factoids as social media articles

When you maintain a website, you encounter a lot of details. A few of these are little factoids ideal to be classified as social media articles.

Factoids give your readers something new to find out, and they do not take up much space. Statistics, trivia, along with other “did you know?” Kind of facts all function.

Here’s Microsoft using a statistic to spread awareness of Internet unavailability:


A bit goes a very long way. Factoids deserve to become a part of your social media strategy.

8. Share shorter blog posts on Moderate and LinkedIn Pulse

People today think LinkedIn is a location that is stuffy, but it is not. It may become your secret weapon if you use it properly.

Moderate is a popular blogging platform where professionals and experts discuss articles on all sorts of topics. You are going to notice it can be a highly effective tool should you invest a while with it.

Besides SlideShare, another trendy LinkedIn attribute is Pulse. Like on Moderate, you publish a post there and hope it gets featured. Should it, you can get new followers.

9. Make new content out of old

Generally, these previous articles just require a bit of an upgrade to become applicable. It is well worth it to have a look at your archives and see which articles require two or a touch-up.

Listed below are a few ways you can modify old articles:

  • Locate a new name
  • Update the post with new facts and figures
  • Add more substantial articles

Once you’re finished, you may either publish the new article or upgrade the old one (in case it ranks nicely and brings in traffic).

10. Share your old content on social media

Networking sites that are particular work nicely for sharing articles — if you get it done right.

Reddit can drive a lot of traffic, however self-promotion is frowned upon. To combat that, locate a appropriate subreddit, and just post content which you really know will help readers. (you could also attempt Reddit ads.)

Quora is a bit friendlier about self-promotion. As a bonus, even should you discover a question that a piece of your articles replies, you can give a brief answer and then connect to that piece of articles. This is just another great traffic builder.

11. Blend multiple pieces of content into a webinar

Everyone loves a fantastic webinar.

If you have never hosted a webinar, you’re missing out. Webinars communicate your worth to everybody watching and create a high degree of involvement.

It’s super simple to turn slides. It is going to take no job, but you are going to have a item of content.

I suggest merging pieces of content. In case you’ve got a slide deck and also a blog post about the same (or some similar) topic, integrate   both of them into the webinar.

The information you utilize, the more value you’ll have the ability to offer. (But do not overdo it!)



Repurposing content is hands down one of their content marketing strategies I know. This can be a tool–do not be reluctant to use it.

It enables you to prevent one of the worst pitfalls of blogging: rancid content.

Folks allow their well of articles operate dry. Finally is an obsolete assortment of content that is subpar. However, it doesn’t need to be that way.

As living, breathing files, think. They may be changed and enhanced over time.

After I realized this, my blogging strategy was transformed. I knew it could be reused by me in the future if a piece of content done nicely for me.

The next time you create a piece of content, be sure to revisit it down the road. Maybe your article’ll turn .

What is your favorite way or repurposing articles?